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Monte Pin Masterplan
Main House Small House Tennis Court Pool Summer Kitchen with Barbecue Running Path Trampoline


There is nothing better for relaxation and rejuvenation than diving into the sea on a sunny day or just before the dusk. We are offering you an experience as close as it gets to swimming in the sea – a salty water pool big enough for the whole family to fit in and to swim freely (60m2). There is just one exception to it: unlike in the sea, everything here is made to meet your needs – not only can you adjust the temperature of the pool, but you can also enjoy a night swim with subtle lights on. If you’ve had a really exhausting day and you feel like having all-around spa experience there are massage jets waiting for you in the pool. To keep the water crystal clear every time you want to have a swim, the pool can be covered with a sliding cover.

Tennis Court

You don’t want to skip on your daily exercises during your vacation? Or you just want to have some fun with your friends?

We have a lighted tennis field made out of artificial grass and creamy sand, available to you day&night. It doesn’t require any maintenance and has a great drainage, so it’s enough for you to put on some training shoes and you are ready for the match!

Trim track

For the ones who cannot give up their jogging ritual, but also for those who’d like to take a breath of fresh air and have a slow walk surrounded by the nature, we offer a very soft, 2 km long running track made out of small gravel, which passes through a centuries old pine forest.

Summer Kitchen with Barbecue

When it’s too hot to cook, and the only thing you want to do is to enjoy a gentle summer breeze while watching the sun setting, you can use our summer kitchen equipped with a big, central barbecue which has additional lights, so you don’t have to worry about the time! Even the materials the kitchen is made of were specially chosen to meet your needs: the marble counters make it easier for you to make all sorts of dishes, the combination of authentic Istrian stone and wood create a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere, and the olive wood benches with soft leather seats just add to the hedonistic atmosphere.


Enjoyment for the kids and those who feel like children at heart! Voted the World’s safest trampoline, our 3,5 m wide enclosed Springfree trampoline offers you and your children a carefree fun. Let your soul loose!